Monday, November 26, 2012

Sabellianism and the New Prophesy

As I continue to go through the writings of Ignatius I am noticing something that scholars tend to have overlooked in their writings on the so-called 'Monarchians' on the one hand and the 'Phrygians' or 'Montanists' on the other.  Monarchian belief not only shaped the development of the 'four gospels as one' formula.  The same logic applies to four or four thousand people speaking by one voice (= the Holy Spirit).  My point is that I see over and over again the difference between the short and long Greek text of Ignatius not only clear evidence that the long text is correcting 'Sabellianism' (= the monarchian belief that one god existed as three) but an associated sectarian belief that two, three or a thousands of people were one through the spirit.  More specifically the idea that at the height of perfection among the monarchians (and especially when martyred cf. to the Smyrnaeans) individuals became spokespersons for the Father.  The Father was literally 'in them' after the manner of Christ.  This is important.

The letter of Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans uses the specific term 'advocate' in the manner of the New Prophesy i.e. that an individual was the 'advocate' of the Father like members of the Phrygian sect.

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