Friday, November 2, 2012

So Here is the Thought to Leave Open in Our Heads This Weekend

If the concept of 'Judaism' (ιουδαισμος) - a monolithic orthodoxy associated with the Jewish people - was only established in the second century, and the concept of 'Christianity' (χριστιανισμός) is necessarily dependent on the pre-existence of this 'Judaism', how can it be honestly claimed that 'Christianity' already existed in the first century?   It simply couldn't have.  To this end, a 'Jesus religion' could certainly have predated the invention of the term 'Judaism' but it wasn't 'Christianity' as we have come to know it.  It likely measured itself in relation to Moses and the traditions of the Patriarchs rather than contemporary Judaism which, as we already noted was a jumbled mess of sectarian groups.  Think about it.  Only then will you be in a position to understand Marcionitism, which seems ever increasingly to take on the appearance of a radical Mosaic sect.

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