Friday, November 23, 2012

Why Clement of Alexandria's to Theodore was at Mar Saba

Everyone should read Lorenzo Perrone's Palestinian Monasticism, the Bible, and Theology in the Wake of the Second Origenist Controversy. I've made a link to it here so people can educate themselves. The monastery was a center of 'Origenism' which certainly included the writings of Clement. This dispute is so stupid. The burden of proof clearly is on the other side to provide a reason why we should exclude to Theodore as a fragmentary remnant of this neo-Alexandrian culture not the other way around. If you've heard from many reliable sources that your wife is cheating on you and you find a love letter in her purse the natural reaction is not to suppose that someone else planted the letter there. Yes it's possible. Almost anything is possible. But it is more likely that it fits the well-established scenario developed independent of the discovery of the letter rather than a desperate conspiracy theory.

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