Monday, December 3, 2012

The Acts of Paul Explains the Beliefs of the Original Heretical Tradition

For the Corinthians were in great trouble concerning Paul, that he would depart out of the world, before it was time. For there were certain men come to Corinth, Simon and Cleobius, saying: There is no resurrection of the flesh, but that of the spirit only: and that the body of man is not the creation of God; and also concerning the world, that God did not create it, and that God knoweth not the world, and that Jesus Christ was not crucified, but it was an appearance (i.e. but only in appearance), and that lie was not born of Mary, nor of the seed of David. And in a word, there were many things which they had taught in Corinth, deceiving many other men, (and deceiving also) themselves. When therefore the Corinthians heard that Paul was at Philippi, they sent a letter unto Paul to Macedonia by Threptus and Eutychus the deacons. And the letter was after this manner.

Stephanus and the elders (presbyters) that are with him, even Daphnus and Eubulus and Theophilus and Zenon, unto Paul THEIR BROTHER ETERNAL greeting in the Lord.

There have come unto Corinth two men, Simon and Cleobius, which are overthrowing the faith of many with evil (CORRUPT) words, which do thou prove AND EXAMINE: for we have never heard such words from thee nor from the other apostles: but all that we have received from thee or from them, that do we hold fast. Since therefore the Lord hath had mercy on us, that while thou art still in the flesh we may hear these things again from thee, if it be possible, either come unto us or write unto us. For we believe, according as it hath been revealed unto Theonoe, that the Lord hath delivered thee out of the hand of the lawless one (enemy, Laon).

Now the things which these men say and teach are these: They say that we must not use the prophets, and that God is not Almighty, and that there shall be no resurrection of the flesh, and that man was not made by God, and that Christ came not down (is not come, Copt.) in the flesh, neither was born of Mary, and that the world is not of God, but of the angels.

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