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Celibacy Traditions With the Samaritan Sectarian Groups

These two groups - indeed and almost all the sects listed in this section of the account of the later Dosithean (= 'of Dositheus') - are Christian. In other words, a Samaritan account of Samaritan Christian sectarian groups. At the very end of the fourteenth century compendium:

After that there came out Aulianah ( ?) ('-w-l-y-'-n-h), a resident of Alexandria, and a group of people joined him. He said, "Receive from me (the assurance) that the period of divine favor will appear (in due time). We have no authority to act by uniformly by reciting (Scripture) together. Rather let the men separate themselves from the women and the women from the men, and let the boys stay with their fathers." They would not take anything from anyone, and anyone" who wanted to weigh out something of what he owned would would say, "Let it be a holy (offering) to God." He separated the men from the women and the boys from their mothers, and some divorced their wives and abandoned their property. B-w-s-t-w-n-w-s (Poseidon ?) invaded them out of the sea, and put to death a great number of them, and threw a group of them into the ships (as captives), and Aulianah died the filthiest of deaths. Those who continued in his rite thought that they were in the period of divine favor, though they were in error, and a number of trials befell them, but they did not change and did not learn a lesson.

After this there arose another group known as Fasqutay ( !) (f-s-q-w-t-'-y), who said that there is neither Paradise nor resurrectionT, and that there is only a test, and that woman is the force of this test. They said : A man must sleep with a Gentile woman for six nights, both having their clothes on, and on the seventh night they may part, and if they restrain themselves from adultery, they have passed the most severe test. But when they proceeded to take this (test), they all defiled themselves with adultery, whereupon they arose and castrated themselves, saying, "Whosoever castrates himself removes impurity from himself." All these sects were derived from the writings of Dusis. There came from them upon the Samaritans great harm, grievous sins, controversy, and enmity, from (all of) which nothing useful ever resulted. But God is the one who requites every man according to his deeds [Abu'l Fath Samaritan Chronicle Vilmar edition, pp. 159-165 : The Sects Derived From Dositheus]

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