Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Coins of Herod Never Identify Him as 'King of the Jews'

As we find therefore convincing evidence that the regnal years on the coinage of Herod the Great were determined by Augustus receiving the name 'Sebastos' in 27 BCE it would seem to strengthen our argument of a strong connection between Herod and Samaria.  Appian says that Herod was named 'king of Idumaea and Samaria' rather than 'king of the Jews' in 40 BCE.  Moreover the early coins of Herod were established at a mint in Sebaste.  Yet most detrimental to the argument that Herod was ever called 'king of the Jews' is the fact that no coins ever identify him as such.  He is usually simply described as 'king Herod.'  Why wouldn't Herod ever put his association with Judea on the very coins associated with this nation if it were true?

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