Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Source Claims Samaritans Themselves Identify Marqe as Living in the First Century Before the Christian Era

I was trying to find an obscure French book and went to Persee (where else!) and stumbled upon this curious reference in a related article here.

Son auteur (= Marqe) vivait au 1er siècle avant l'ère chrétienne, selon l'opinion des Samaritains. 

The footnote is to this source is M Heidenheim, der Kommentar Marqas, des Samaritaners, Weimar, 1896, Biblioteca Samaritana, III, p. viii.  A very rare book it would seem.  There are others who have intimated such a date for Marqe - Brodie in A Samaritan Philosophy. But I am curious whether Heidenheim actually met Samaritans who told him this information or whether he is speaking about Samaritan written sources. I don't know of any which say this. All of which makes it quite intriguing.

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