Monday, April 29, 2013

Toward the Finish Line

I have been very busy with work but I just wanted to alert readers that I have been working out important details for the article just the same. If we are interested in providing a context for the redemption ritual of the Alexandrian tradition (and Marcionitism assuming they weren't in fact one and the same) the ultimate question comes down to how we reconstruct the Question of the Rich Man.  How did the differences which are manifest between the Gospel of the Hebrews/Matthew tradition on the one hand and Mark/Luke on the other come to be?  The answer I believe comes down to the Marcionite gospel and what is written in Tertullian's Adv Marc Book Four and in particular why Tertullian cites 'Good Master' (Luke 18:18) as praeceptor optime.  This reading is absolutely unattested in any other source and is generally assumed to be the Marcionite reading (where scholars have commented upon it). 

More to follow ...

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