Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Marcionite Diatessaron

Yes, my horse has finally come in.  I have gone through the entire De Recta in Deum Fide (= Adamantius's Dialogue) and figured out how to argue that the original work was directed only against Megethius the Marcionite (as per Anastasius of Sinai's testimony).  It is actually quite an easy argument.  One which will make for a wonderful monograph and perhaps much more.  It will be evident by the end of this discussion that the Marcionites used a Diatessaron rather than a corrupt version of Luke.  Irenaeus created Luke as a 'cheat sheet' of passages from the gospel that the Marcionites took especial interest in.  Back to reconstructing the original section shared in common by Maximus, Methodius and Adamantius ...

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