Sunday, June 9, 2013

Could Jesus's Original Name Have Been אישו = 'His Man' viz 'the Man of God' (Deut 33.1) a Well Known Title of Moses?

Christians on the Incantations Bowls: Although the usual differentiation between Jewish and Christian incantation bowls is the languages (Jewish incantation bowls are composed in the Jewish script; Christian incantation bowls are composed in the Syriac script), some bowls include specific Christian themes, which may suggest that the scribe or the clients or both had Christian sentiments. The bowls in question are 1. Levene, CMB M163. The incantation includes an adjuration בשםיה דאישו דכבש רומא (in the name of Ishu who conquered Rome). This may be Jesus. His name is followed by "and in the name of his exalted father and the holy spirit" which may be an allusion to the trinity. Shaked (JSQ 1999) claims this is the only mention of Jesus in these bowl to date. [Ṭal Ilan, Lexicon of Jewish Names in Late Antiquity, Part 4 p. 38]

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