Monday, June 24, 2013

The Actual Year the Gospel Began

It has long been known that at the twilight of pagan Rome, the Emperor Maximinus Daia prescribed a group of documents known as 'the Acts of Pilate' as compulsory reading in schools (Eusebius,. H.E. ix. 5. 2, 7. 1) in order to discredit Christianity.  It is also common knowledge that Eusebius takes issue with the dating of the crucifixion from these texts.  Instead of 30, 33 CE or any 'normal' dating for this event, the pagan Acts designate 21 CE as the correct year.  I really don't believe that people have given a fair shake to this dating.  The reason I say this of course is that it happens to fall exactly 49 years before the destruction of the temple.  The fact that Jesus is inevitably linked with a 'threat' to destroy this building makes the 'mystical number' 49 (7 x 7) all the more interesting. 

Over the next few posts we will take a look at the manner in which little pieces of the original paradigm 'come together' to make absolutely certain that Luke gets it wrong.  Before the words 'in the fifteenth year of Tiberius' there was absolutely no obvious way for an outsider to determine when any of the things in the gospel ever took place.  Luke, as we all know, is very much a reactionary text.  The gospel and Acts were clearly established to counter hallowed Marcionite truths.  Now we will begin to put forward that the original dating of 20 CE for the beginning of Jesus's ministry was also one of those most sacred truths - previously unrecognized. 

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