Friday, June 28, 2013

Vridar in the Wilderness: the Latest

From Neil by way of Facebook just now:

Joel Watts is not publicly claiming he sent me take-down warnings. I can assure everyone that I received absolutely no warning or take-down notice from either Joel Watts or Wordpress prior to Wordpress deactivating Vridar. None at all. I have asked Wordpress to tell me when they sent me a warning notice and they do not reply. I have checked my spam email and there is nothing from either Joel or Wordpress. Nothing. I did ask Wordpress for a copy of the take-down notice I was supposed to have received and they did send me that -- and I showed that in my alerts to other sites -- but there was no header to indicate when it was supposedly sent or to what email address. They have not replied to my requests to tell me when they supposedly sent me that notice. I received no notice whatever. If Joel says he sent me email notices I ask him to show copies of the emails with send address and times.

Neil Godfrey

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