Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Sign that Justin's Works Were Re-Edited During the Reign of Septimius Severus (By Irenaeus?)

Just noticed this as I was comparing two texts of Tertullian.  There is a footnote in Evans's translation of Tertullian's Against Marcion Book Three:

For the Orient for the most part held the Magi for kings, and Damascus was formerly reckoned to Arabia, before it was transferred to Syrophoenicia after the dividing up of the Syrias [1]

[1] Damascus was reckoned to Arabia until it was brought into Coele Syria, on the division of Syria by Septimius Severus between 193 and 198 (Dio Cassius 53.12): Justin, dial. 78, seems to have previous knowledge of this rearrangement unless the observation is a later addition.

Since Tertullian wrote early in the third century and the nature of the comment in Justin like here suggests the author lived as the changes were being made, it would seem highly probable that it was Irenaeus who made the changes to the text of Justin (as they were reused in a different form by Tertullian by the time he was writing). 

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