Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Proof that the New Orleans Academy Only Began 'Flourishing' Again After a Period of Relative Obscurity in 1887

From the Teaching and History of Mathematics in the United States (1890) a book that began as a paper read before the New Orleans Academy of Sciences:

The New Orleans Academy of Sciences holds its meetings at the Tulane University. The professors of the university are its leading members. There is a general meeting once every month for all members of the academy. In addition to this, there are section meetings. "Section A,'' the mathematical and physical section, meets the second Tuesday of every month. Professor Ayres has been the leading spirit in this section, and has contributed many an interesting paper on physics and mathematics. Two years ago the academy began publishing an annual volume, containing the principal papers read during the year. The publication for the year 1887-88 contains an article on the "History of Infinite Series," and an interesting article by Professor Ayres on "Physics and Psychology." During the last two years the academy has been in a flourishing condition, and the quality of the work done has been improving continually. (p 307)

Interesting also is the fact that if it wasn't for the Karlen Riess article I wouldn't have found anything about Claudius W Sears relationship with the Academy.  Repeated Google searches reveal absolutely nothing about this connection.  

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