Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Gospel Must Have Been Written in the Same Way the Torah was Written - A Revelation from an Angel

The problem of course is that scholarship claims it doesn't know how the Torah was written.  'The Pentateuch describes Moses going up to receive the Ten Commandments but how was the Book itself written?'  'The Torah describes Moses's death, so Moses couldn't have been the author.  But then whom?'  Everyone in antiquity knew Ezra wrote the Torah.  Not just Porphyry but even the rabbinic literature intimates its knowledge of the tradition.  If even Jews admitted Ezra was the real author of the Torah, it must have been common knowledge.  If Ezra came into contact with the angel who meets with the Patriarchs in his narrative, the angel must have been his spiritual 'guarantor.'  In other words, people were convinced that this Torah was Moses's Torah because the angel told him so. 

This must have been the basis to apostle's authorship of the original gospel.  Ezra's text was written at the beginning of an era of reconstitution, as was the gospel (i.e. after 70 CE).  The angel was identified as

in the earliest manuscripts of the Christian religion, interpreted 'Jesus' but the term meant 'Man' (= איש).

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