Thursday, November 20, 2014

160. Matthew 17.5

David Inglis, “Out of the cloud, a voice, This is my beloved son” [9:35] (Scholion 18) In neither case does Epiphanius state that he found a difference in Mcg. Instead, he is using these verses to show that by leaving these words Marcion shows that his Jesus knew who the men “in glory” were, and that his ‘god’ (the demiurge) was not just master above heaven. The reading “my beloved son” is found in the majority of mss (including D), as well as in the parallels at Mk 9:7 and Mt 17:5, although P45, P75, 01, B, L, Q, X, f1, 579, 892, 1241, 1342, pc, Lat(b, c, e, f, q, r1, vg), Sy-S, Sy-Hmg, Co, arabMS have “my chosen one” instead. As it is unlikely that Marcion would assimilate Mcg to either Mk or Mt, it appears that “my beloved son” is the original reading in Lk.

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