Thursday, November 20, 2014

162. Tertullian argues from Matt 18:17 to correct Marcion's interpretation of the gospel

In Luke 5:30 and 19:9b he may have considered two tax collectors, Levi and Zacchaeus, as Gentiles, for at the first text Tertullian speaks of "Gentiles and tax collectors" rather than "tax collectors and sinners," perhaps thinking of Levi as a gentile (ethnicus). At the second text he specifically refers to Zacchaeus as a Gentile (allo- phylus).39 [39] Ibid. 189* and 227* = Tertullian 4.11.2; 37.1. Conceivably these alterations (or quotations from memory) are due to Tertullian rather than Marcion. The expression "Gentile and tax collector" occurs in Matt. 18:17, which Marcion did not accept. [Robert McQueen Grant Heresy and Criticism p. 134]

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