Thursday, November 20, 2014

170. Matthew 26:24

the previous example ends abruptly in the surviving Dialogue. At this point Megethius is cut off and Markus introduced. But a compelling argument can be made (and has been made) that the argument continues on page 59 so: Adamantius: It was just in such a way that Judas was punished when he had acted wickedly towards the Lord. Christ Himself declared "Alas to the man through whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It would be better for him if he had not been born or if when he was born he had been tied to a great millstone and drowned to the depth of the sea." [Matt 26:24; 18:6] You will also find that the prophets often had mercy on many people - even to the extent of raising the dead! For example the Shunammite when she besought the prophet, received back her dead son alive. It has been clearly demonstrated then that the prophets and Christ own one and the same God. If he is one, and as you say, He is known to the good only without being just why does he command Judas, wickedly unjust to be justly cast into the sea. I think that the punishment of sinners belongs to the nature of a just God and not to One who is 'good' after your fashion. A good who is merely 'good' and not at the same time just ought not to punish anyone but if He does punish, He will at the same time be just. This must also be pointed out it is obvious that the just God, the Creator, had no occasion to punish Judas for he had received no injury from him. No more could the Devil, for Judas had not hurt him, rather the opposite - he had anointed him. Instead, the Devil sees Someone brought to death by Judas — One whom he feared and to whom he called out: "Leave me alone! Have you come to torment me before the time?" [Matt 8:29] Nor is it likely that Judas was punished by the Good Christ, "for a good (man) never punishes." Which then of the three do you consider punished Judas? It has been established that the Just God did not punish, for He was not wronged nor suffered any harm. If He did punish , He must have been appointed to carry out justice by Him who had been injured. If the Devil punished Judas, he will be just, and not evil for he who condemned the wicked betrayer would be just. So he will be just and wicked. But if Christ punished it would be contrary to your argument 'a good (God) never punishes.' So if He punished He will be just - but not good!" What is more, listen to the Apostle when he says "Every one receives from Christ either good or evil." Megethius. Where is there similarity? The prophet killed, but Christ saved. [Pretty p. 59 - 60]

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