Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2. our fourfold gospel as a reaction to the one gospel of Marcion:

T. Heckel (1999, 327-29) argues that Justin (ca. 100-ca. 165) already knew a fourfold Gospel collection, and von Hamack (1960, 79, 84-85, 211, 249) argued that Marcion (who broke with the Roman church in the summer of 144 C.E.) already knew a fourfold gospel as well. It is also possible that the creation of a fourfold Gospel about 150-175 C.E. was perhaps a reaction to the single Gospel of Marcion, either in Rome or Asia Minor (Campenhausen 1972, 171-72). [David Aune Westinster Dictionary of Early Christianity p. 190]

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