Thursday, November 20, 2014

39. Marcion cut John 15:2 and 15:5

J. Schafers, Eine altsyrische antimarkionitische Erkldrung von Parabeln des Herrn und zwei andere altsyrische Abhandlungen zu Texten der Evangelien. Mil Beitrdgen zu Tatians Diatessaron und Markions Neuem Testament, NTA 4.1.2 finds a number of references to the Marcionite gospel in this Syriac text including Jn 15:5a, 2a and Jn 3:29a. The more famous reference is the opening words at its (the Gospel's) beginning "O miracle upon miracle, ecstasy, power and astonishment, it is that one can say nothing about it (the Gospel) nor think about it, no compare it to anything"

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