Thursday, November 20, 2014

67. the gospel of Marcion had Matthew 9:16 - 17/Mark 2.21 - 22

Marcus the Marcionite "The new one is not the same as the old, for the Saviour says again, "New wine they put into new wineskins, and both are preserved". The new commandment is not the complement of the old one, for the Saviour says again, "Nobody puts a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment" (Matt 9:16) Neither Christ nor the Apostle is the complement of the Law." [Matt 9:17, 9:16 De Recta in Deum Fide Pretty p. 95]
Mk. ii. 22 is the take-off text from which Marcion started his assault [Gerald Rendall The Epistle of James p. 120]
Epiphanius says that Marcion "put this question to the elders of that time: “Tell me, what is the meaning of, 'Men do not put new wine into old bottles, or a patch of new cloth unto an old garment; else it both taketh away the fullness, and agreeth not with the old. For a greater rent will be made.'” (Matt 9.16 - 17) [Frank Williams Panarion p. 295] "Marcion must have inquired of the Roman clergy how they explained the passage in Matt. ix.17, in order to elicit from their own mouth the avowal that the new wine of Christianity cannot be poured into the old bottles of Judaism without destroying them. [August Neander the History of the Christian Religion p. 194]

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