Thursday, November 20, 2014

69. the gospel of Marcion had Matthew 10:24

Tertullian cites the saying against Marcion in its specific Matthean form in the context of the common gospel amont the Marcionites which can leave little doubt as to its presence there.
You, however, are a disciple above his master, and a servant above his lord; you have a higher reach of discernment than his; you destroy what he requires.  I wish to examine whether you are at least honest in this, so as to have no longing for those things which you destroy." [Adv Marc 14.3.1] 
"Now Luke was not an apostle but an apostolic man, not a master but a disciple, in any case less than his master, and assuredly even more of lesser account as being the follower of a later apostle, Paul, to be sure: so that even if Marcion had introduced his gospel under the name of Paul in person, that one single document would not be adequate for our faith, if destitute of the support of his predecessors." [Adv Marc 4.2.1] 
for even if Marcion were a disciple, he is not above his master: and if Marcion were an apostle, [Adv Marc 4.3.4]
Some persons believe Marcion. But "the disciple is not above his master." Apelles ought to have remembered this----a corrector of Marcion, although his disciple [Adv Marc 4.17.11]
and by poisonous doctrines to make (in opposition to the saying of the Lord) "the disciples above their Master." [Praescr 34] 
One can make a convincing case that the editor of Luke deliberately identified Luke as a disciple of Paul in order to subordinate the gospel.

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