Wednesday, November 19, 2014

7. Paul said 'my gospel' (Rom 2:16; 16:25) because he wrote the true written gospel narrative

Moreover, taking up Paul's references to "my gospel" in Galatians, Marcion concluded that he used one written gospel" [Steven Wilson, Related Strangers p. 171] "What of his insistence that there was only one true Gospel, the book which Paul referred to as 'my gospel'? Marcion was of course anachronistic in thinking that Paul meant a written gospel book" though Eusebius took the expression in the same way and also though it meant Luke" [John Barton Holy Writings Sacred Texts p. 43] "(Marcion) seems to have interpreted Paul's mention of “my gospel”6 (Rom 2:16; cf Gal 1:6 - 9) as a reference to this book." [Heikki Räisänen in the Blackwell Companion to Paul p. 302] 

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