Thursday, November 20, 2014

75. the gospel of Marcion had Matthew 12:5

from David Inglis - "Epiphanius quotes: “The Son of Man is lord also of the Sabbath,” in Scholion 3, but does not suggest that this was because he saw any difference here. Tertullian spends the whole of his chapter 12 discussing the Sabbath, and refers to the term “Lord of the Sabbath” twice, first when introducing the topic, and later when he states that: ‘He was called "Lord of the Sabbath."’ However, this second mention comes after he refers to the healing of the withered hand. This appears to match Bezae (both d and D) in which v. 6:5 is positioned after v. 6:10, with the following text replacing v. 6:5: On the same day, seeing one working on the Sabbath, he said unto him, Man, if thou knowest what you doest, thou art blessed: but if thou dost not know thou art cursed and a transgressor of the law. Willker comments: This passage is generally referred to as Lk 6:5D, but D actually shifts verse 5 after verse 10. This way D has three incidents concerning Jesus and the Sabbath which are finished by the statement of Jesus' sovereignty over the Sabbath… Neither Tertullian nor Epiphanius refer to v. 6:5d, and the existence of this verse in Bezae where text based on Mt 12:5-7 might be expected instead lends additional weight to the possibility that the author of Mcg [aMcg], or perhaps the original aLk, did not know these verses from Mt. Klinghardt agrees that aMcg most likely did not know Mt 12:5-7: If Luke had read Matthew, an equivalent of Matt. 12:5-7 was to be expected between Luke 6:4 and 6:5. However, Tertullian (4.12) attests the whole pericope of the plucking of corn for Mcn and even alludes to parts of *6:4 (4.12.5) and *6:6-7 (4.12.9-10). Epiphanius, too, clearly read *6:3-4 in Mcn.37 Luke’s lack of an equivalent of Matt. 12:5-7 is, therefore, easily understandable if he followed Mcn, not Matthew.

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