Thursday, November 20, 2014

77. the gospel of Marcion had Matthew 16:17

The case of Peter escaped his (Marcion's) memory, who, although he was a man of the law, was not only chosen by the Lord, but also obtained the testimony of possessing knowledge which was given to him by the Father. (Matthew 16:17) [Tertullian Against Marcion 4:11]
“[T]he words of Jesus in Mt 16:17 bear a striking similarity to Paul’s words of his own revelation and commission by the risen Christ in Gl 1:12 and 16-17. Matthew is making the point that it was Peter and not Paul who experienced divine revelations and who was commissioned by Jesus to lead the church.” [David C Sim “Matthew’s anti-Paulinism: A neglected feature of Matthean studies,” HTS 58(2) (2002)See also, Sim, The Gospel of Matthew and Christian Judaism: The history and social setting of the Matthean community (Edinburgh: T& T Clark, 1998) at 200-203)]

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