Thursday, November 20, 2014

85. the gospel of Marcion had Matthew 20:20 - 24/Mark 10:35 - 40

It is to the credit of Marcion that he claimed no finality for his work, and his later followers not only revised his theology, but also extended his Canon. Later Marcionites accepted the Pastoral Epistles, presumably interpreting the heresies against which they were directed either as Judaism or as Catholic Christianity.2 They accepted St. Matthew v, 17, though they altered its sense by reversing its clauses.3 The notion that St. Paul was seated on the right hand of Christ with Marcion on His left implies a knowledge of St. Mark x, 35-40, or St. Matthew xx, 20 - 4 or possibly both. The Marcionite interlocutor in the Dialogus de recta fide quotes two passages from the Fourth Gospel. [H E W Turner the Pattern of Christian Truth p. 174]

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