Thursday, November 20, 2014

87. the gospel of Marcion resembled Matthew 24:1 - 13

David Inglis, Again he falsified. “There shall not an hair of your head perish.” (Scholion 58) According to Roth, “Volkmar … considered ...12:6–7 and 21:18 possibly to be later additions,” and Baring-Gould wrote: "There shall not an hair of your head perish," omitted, perhaps, lest the God of heaven, whom Christ revealed, should appear to concern himself about the vile bodies of men, under the dominion of the God of this world; but more probably this verse did not exist in the original text. The awkwardness of its position has led many critics to reject it as an interpolation, and the fact of Marcion’s gospel being without it goes far to prove that the original Luke Gospel was without it. This passage has parallels at Mk 13:1-13 and Mt 24:1-13, and although Mt 24:9-12 vary in many details from the account in Mk and Lk, there is no evidence to suggest that Mcg and Lk varied here. However, while Mk 13:13a parallels vv. 21:17, there is no parallel to v. 21:18 in either Mk and Mt. In addition, v. 21:18 is omitted in the Curetonian Syriac ms (Sy-C). Both these points support the view given above that this verse could be an interpolation. Willker suggests that there is no obvious reason either to remove or insert this text: It is possible that the words have been omitted as harmonization to Mt, but this is improbable, because the following words are different in Mt and Lk. It is also possible that the words have been omitted as inappropriate at this place. There is no reason why the words should have been added secondarily. Although the evidence is inclusive, there does appear to be no reason why Marcion would want to remove this verse. Tertullian's lack of comment suggests that it was not in his copy of Lk.

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