Thursday, November 20, 2014

Matthew 25:14 - 30

Besides which, it must have followed, that, for the man to whom he committed the ministration of the gospel, he would add the injunction that it be not ministered in all places, and without respect to persons, in accordance with the Lord's saying, "Not to cast one's pearls before swine, nor that which is holy unto dogs." Openly did the Lord speak, without any intimation of a hidden mystery. He had Himself commanded that, "whatsoever they had heard in darkness" and in secret, they should "declare in the light and on the house-tops." He had Himself fore-shown, by means of a parable, that they should not keep back in secret, fruitless of interest,282 a single pound, that is, one word of His. [Tertullian De praescriptionibus aduersus haereses omnes 26.3, REFOULE R.F., CCL 1 (1954), (p.207, l.7) BP1]

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