Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Marcionites Said that Jesus Descended to Earth Somewhere Between Jerusalem and Jericho in their Gospel

Against the claims of Tertullian (and thus with Irenaeus strangely cf. Adv Haer 1.27.1 where we read "But Jesus being derived from that father who is above the God that made the world, and coming into Judaea in the times of Pontius Pilate the governor, who was the procurator of Tiberius Caesar, was manifested in the form of a man to those who were in Judaea, abolishing the prophets and the law, and all the works of that God who made the world, whom also he calls Cosmocrator" - in other words 'Judaea' was not an error on his part):
Es liesse sich vergleichen, dass nach einem anonymen Syrer Marcion gesagt haben soll, Christus sei bei seiner Herabkunft vom Himmel zuerst zwischen Jerusalem und Jericho erschienen (Barnes in the Academy from 21. October 1893)  
The same author goes on to note the discrepancy between Tertullian's claims about the synagogue at the start of Luke being in Capernaum vs Ephrem's statement about Bethsaida.  Not only does this reinforce that Tertullian is an unreliable source (or perhaps better, a source who has been made obscure through constant rewriting and reworking of the original narrative) but I think this strengthens my consistent argument that 'Bethsaida' = the Jerusalem temple).

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