Saturday, January 31, 2015

More On Lies and Religion

To continue my last post.  When you really think about it any belief in God demands that we ignore the reality which can be touched in favor of a 'second reality' which is non-existential.  That's the bottom line.  Now in all fairness to the other side, that's true for all 'ideal' conceptions - i.e. liberty, justice etc.  The only reality which doesn't demand belief in things which can't be touched is the so-called the 'animal world' - that is, the 'natural law' of the jungle.

Language itself emerged from the 'non-existential' other world.  Instead of needing to a horse standing in front of us in order to acknowledge awareness of 'horseness' (i.e. the idea of a horse) along came the word 'horse' (or the early linguistic equivalent in whatever language primitive men spoke).  Suddenly we be in the presence of 'horseness' without actually seeing a horse.  That isn't possible in the 'jungle.'

Once you can reference 'horseness' without needing a horse, 'woman' without having a woman stand in the room, it's not long to suppose that the other world, the world of ideas is an integral part of 'the real world.'  Indeed one could make the case that with Plato and later Christianity, the 'ideal world' is 'more real' - even the only true world.  This world becomes little more than a shitty lie.

It is difficult to draw the line with respect to the world of thought.  For it is downright funny to think of absurdities that couldn't possibly happen in 'this (real) world.' It is, as I said, the essence of comedy.  Atheists want to pretend often times that God and religion is 'the problem' but the reality is that they are the tree which gave birth to world in which we prefer to live.  It was a belief in God and religion which made it possible to declare that sexual and physical abuse are 'wrong', that cars have to obey red lights, anything that makes justice possible.

It's like God and religion were 'good enough' to act as a brace to establish the 'world of ideas' for society, but now it is 'time for them to go.'  We no longer have any need for these lies and instead we want to exchange them for a belief that people matter, that individuals have 'rights.'  But it is not difficult to see how quickly all of this will crumble.  For humanity is not getting better.  All the interesting individuals lived in the past.  I doubt anyone would disagree that the present generation are tiresome.  Children aren't even allowed to stray 10 feet from their overseers (their parents).  Imagine how dull all the babies born this year will be when they reach twenty two or even forty.

The bottom line for me is that it is not enough to say that 'God doesn't exist' therefore 'let's return to the so-called real world.'  The so-called real world is more of a lie than the grand lie of religion.  Yes a brick in the head 'really' hurts.  That much is true.  But is it wrong to throw a brick at someone's head.  You need God to establish that and the ultimate consequence of that belief - the lie that we as members of a society 'care' for one another, look out for one another.  It is simply madness to expect a 'natural' society which beliefs in nothing but 'the real world' to function in a caring way for one another unless of course there is some external enemy without which unites the community against it.

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