Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Certainly Relatives (Because of the Surname and the Connection with Munchen)

Max Gundelfinger wurde im ersten Transportzug mit Münchner Juden deportiert und am 25. November 1941 bei den Massenerschießungen in Kaunas umgebracht.

Max Gundelfinger was deported on the first transport train with Munich Jews and on November 25, 1941, he was killed in massacres in Kaunas.  
Moritz Gundelfinger (born) 29.9.1877 (dead) 25.11.1941 Kaunas Moritz Gundelfinger hatte seit 1926 Viehhandel angemeldet mit seiner Wohnung in der Goethestraße 34/II als Firmenadresse. Auch Gundelfinger wurde vom Bayerischen Viehwirtschaftsverband Ende 1937 die Viehhandelskarte entzogen mit der auch hier behaupteten allgemeinen Unzuverlässig- keit. Zugleich forderte der Verband das Gewerbeamt auf, dem jüdischen Viehhändler die Gewerbelegitimationskarte zu entziehen. Das Gewerbeamt folgte natürlich auch im Fall Gundelfinger ohne weitere Nachprüfung diesem Ansinnen.[source] Something is quite odd here.

UPDATE: Actually it is a well-established historical fact that the first Jews deported from Germany died in the massacre at Kaunas before the death camps were constructed.  For some reason I strongly suspect this was my mother's grandfather.

Wow.  Reading about this massacre (and knowing how proudly German my great-grandmother was) this must have been particularly devastating for my great-grandfather.  The words of a Nazi officer arguing against the massacre oddly enough would have been shared by my dead great-grandfather:

Among these Jews are front veterans with the Iron Cross first and second class, war wounded, half Aryans, and even a three-quarter Aryan ... In repeated official visits in the ghetto I have discovered that among the Jews, who distinguish themselves from Russian Jews in their personal cleanliness, are also skilled workers, who are perhaps five times as productive as Russian Jews ... I am certainly tough and ready to help solve the Jewish question, but human beings who come from our own cultural sphere are something other than the native bestial hordes. Should one assign the Lithuanians and the Latvians, who are even rejected by the population here, with their slaughter? I could not do it

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