Thursday, July 14, 2011

Secret Mark, Hawaiian Gnosis and 'the Great Kahuna' Jesus Christ

I thought I had exhausted every possible angle and every possible lead for references and knowledge of 'Secret Mark' but then today I stumbled upon this bit of ground breaking research coming out of Honolulu on the subject of the Mar Saba letter:

Dr. Smith, so the account goes, found an ancient book in the 5th century library of the monastery of Mar Saba in the wilderness a dozen miles from Jerusalem. In the back of the book was copied by hand two and one half pages quoted from a letter which appears to have been written at an early date by Clement of Alexandria, one of the early Church Fathers, who lived late in the 2nd century and who, it is evident, left in writing the text of the secret teachings of Jesus — later veiled behind “seven veils” of coded meaning to come down to us in Gnostic writings ... What Dr. Smith does not seem to have guessed is that, instead of a special book of the mystery teachings being written, Mark depended on the initiates to translate the language of the script into the current version of what we now know as the Hawaiian. (Or some similar Polynesian dialect, of which the Hawaiian seems now to be the nearest to the language used by Jesus as an initiate into the Huna lore.) Once the modern student knows Huna and can work with simple Hawaiian in translation of such accounts as those of the New Testament, the riddles of the Gnosis can be sufficiently solved to give back the lore of the great kahuna, Jesus — be he a historical character or simply the imaginary source of the veiled teachings which the Initiates knew.

The things you learn on the internet.  It might even work as a PhD thesis to me. Maybe the 'hoaxers' should check out if Morton Smith took a vacation to Hawaii or learned to dance the hula hula.  I think he's on to something ...

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