Friday, August 26, 2011

Correspondences With Morton Smith's Father

This is of course getting mightily tangential but I just discovered a couple of document's related to Columbia university professor Morton Smith's family in the official collection of correspondences of Albert C. Barnes (1872 – 1951). Barnes of course was a chemist who made his fortune through the development of the antiseptic, anti-blindness drug Argyrol, he founded the Barnes Foundation, an educational institution based on his private collection of art. As he was a native of Philadelphia it is not surprising that he should have some dealing with Smith's family. Here is the promising list of correspondences:

  • H.J. Smith and Sons (1912) - 1 Folder(s) Regarding leaded glass for a new house on Latch's Lan
  • Smith, R. H. (1936) 1 Folder(s)

I am not sure that a bill of sale is going to change the Secret Mark debate. But you never know what you'll find whenever you find bits of previously unseen evidence.

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