Friday, August 26, 2011

Location of Morton Smith's Family-Operated Stained Glass Window Manufacturing Business

I looked here and noticed that a house stands on the street address which was originally used by Smith's parents. Maybe its the original factory adapted to a home. Who knows. Wouldn't want to live there. Here is the sky view from a competitor of Google Street view.

Apparently, even though the house is listed as being worth $149,000 I couldn't help notice that a Philadelphia Daily News article it ended up at one of those foreclosure auctions where some guy snagged it for a mere $50,000:

Nov. 17--The house at 3216 N. 16th St. was a hot property with bidders at this week's sheriff's sale.

A half-dozen men scattered around the ballroom at First District Plaza vied briskly for the property until the price hit $38,000. Then all but two bidders dropped out. When the bidding hit $50,100, Sam Wong was the last man standing.

Wong, 37, says he's been buying properties at the monthly tax sales for 2 ' years and doesn't consider himself a pro - yet. For that he points to Mark Trachtenberg, a fixture at the monthly auctions.

"He's a real pro, and I look up to him as a mentor," Wong says of the investor.

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