Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Think I Found Morton Smith's Father's Name on the Rolls At the Swedenborg Church of Bryn Athyn

It shows up as 'R H Smith" in the 1900 roll of church members. I was informed today with absolute certainty that Morton Smith could not have attended the New Academy as a student if his family was not affiliated with the Church. Here is the roll:

Bryn Athyn.
Harold Buell.
Rita Buell.
Ernest A. Farrington.
Gerald S. Glenn.
Madeline Glenn.
Mildred Glenn.
H. Grundtvig.
Curtis K. Hicks.
Gladys Hicks.
Hubert Hicks.
Miss Ruth Hicks.
Cyriel Odhner.
Miss Amena Pendleton.
Constance Pendleton.
Freda Pendleton.
Korene Pendleton.
Raymond Pitcairn.
Vera Pitcairn.
Rev. John Faulkner Potts.
Mrs. J. F. Potts.
Miss Nora Potts.
Mrs. O. Schwindt.
B. Glenn Smith.
R. H. Smith.
Roland S. Smith.
Bertel Sorensen.
Mrs. B. Sorensen.
Nels Sorensen.
Cornelia Stroh.
Emil Stroh.
Walter Van Horn.
William O. Van Horn.
Paul W. Vosburg.
Arthur B. Wells

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