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One Degree of Separation Between Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal's Immediate Family and Morton Smith

When future manuscript hunter and Columbia University professor Morton Smith was baptized at the New Church at Bryn Athyn, a Swedenborgian denomination, in 1937, he did so with a Harriet Gyllenhaal who was born in the same year as Smith. There is a direct connection between Harriet Gyllenhaal and the famous actors of the name surname. This should not surprise anyone as Jake and Maggie's father's Wikipedia page mentions that the family has roots in the Swedenborgian community at Bryn Athyn.

Here is the list of adults who chose to become members of the Swedenborgian Church in the1938 year book:

Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania

Mr. Guy Smith Alden
Mrs. Griffith (Myrtle Elder) Asplundh
Mr. Roscoe Lovett Coffin
Mr. John Frederick Finkeldey
Mr. George Edgar Lindsay, Jr.
Mr. Lawrence Woodman Glenn
Mrs. L. W. (Helen Ann Smith) Glenn
Miss Harriet Gyllenhaal
Mr. Rupert Morten Smith

Mrs. Carl (Doris Aileen King) Synnestvedt
Mr. Richard Alvin Walter

Harriet Gyllenhaal's father was Leonard Efraim Gyllenhaal (b February 9, 1881 in Chicago) but Harriet was only one of many sons and daughters of Leonard. Another of his sons was Hugh Anders Gyllenhaal (1921 - 1979) who in turn fathered director Stephen Gyllenhaal who in turn had two children by Naomi Achs - Margaret Ruth "Maggie" Gyllenhaal in 1977 and Jacob Benjamin "Jake" Gyllenhaal in 1980. More on the genealogy of the Gyllenhaals here.

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