Friday, March 22, 2013

Can Words Ever Express How Much I Love Bitches Brew?

I heard it when I was high and then my life was changed.  It was like sophisticated Hendrix.  You can't tell people that you like Jimi Hendrix because you attract all the wrong sorts of people.  Miles is the coolest.  I saw him many times in concert but in truth he was too old by the time I got into him.  It would have been great to see him in this period.  By On the Corner' this whole genre was falling apart.  But this is the greatest album of all time (although it drives the rest of my family crazy).  If I could live my life over again I'd like to seduce a woman.  Be absolutely perfect about it.  Take her back to my place and then suggest I put some music on to get in the mood and then play this shit.  Just to see the look of horror on her face for a minute.  Women don't dig this.  Really.

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