Saturday, June 1, 2013

New York Times Article from 1924 Alleging Private Collector Has Livy Treasure

All I can get is the first paragraph for free.  It's $3.95 for the rest which is here:

Discoverer Said to Have Shown Manuscripts to German and Asserted He Owned Them.
Special Cable to THE NEW YORK TIMES.
September 13, 1924, , Section , Page 12,

While scores of newspaper men of many countries and the police of Italy are searching for Professor Martino Fusco, the Neapolitan savant, who says he has discovered the missing works of Livy, Dr. Max Funke of Leipsic has made public here today what he declares to be the only interview granted by Dr. Martino Fusco concerning the discovery.
Another article here:

Possibility of Their Discovery by Italian Professor Stirs Scholars -- Missing Sections Tell of Cato, Caesar, Pompey, Anthony and Cleopatra
September 28, 1924,
ONE must go back to the entrancing days of the revival of learning in the fifteenth century to equal the sensation caused in the world of scholars by the reported discovery of a complete copy of Livy's history -- "Ab Urbe Condita" -- containing, of course, the famous ten lost books.

Apparently a related article from the Glasgow Herald fills in the details here.  Even more details here

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