Monday, April 14, 2014

Is Depuydt's 'Demotic Gospel of Thomas' Really a Fake?

I have been posting comments at Evangelical Textual Criticism for the last 24 hours trying to get to the bottom of whether this article is a fake.  It might well be.  Anything is possible.  But I was surprised to learn how rich of a heritage the New Orleans Academy of Sciences has had.  I am sure I will annoy the people over there if I keep posting my research at their blog.  So I have decided to keep a record over here.  The article cited by Depuydt makes a number of surprising claims - most notably that an untranslated Egyptian text was copied and prominently displayed in the offices of New Orleans Academy of Sciences.  The text was authored by a "Dr R S Walker" whom I have yet to find any trace of.  Nevertheless I have tracked down at least one of the names scribbled on to the photocopied text used by Depuydt - Joseph S Copes, the President of the Academy. 

Here is what I learned today.  The Academy still exists.  There also seems to be a New Orleans Academy of Sciences Collection at the Louisiana State Museum Historical Center

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