Thursday, November 20, 2014

166. Matthew 21:13

"But for his refutation out of his own mouth, Marcion says, “It came to pass on one of those days, as he taught in the temple, they sought to lay hands on him and they were afraid,” as we read in the next paragraph [Scholion], 54. (e) How he got from Jericho to the temple will be learned from the journey itself and the length of the road. But this should make it plain that the crook concealed what happened on the road, and what the Savior himself said in the temple before this saying, I mean (that he said), “My house shall be called an house of prayer” (Matt 21:13) and so on, as the prophecy [Isa 56:7] runs. [Epiphanius Panarion Elenchus 54]

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