Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Battle of Pakistan Has Officially Begun!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Battle of Pakistan has officially begun.  In this corner weighing in at 410 pounds we have the world heavy weight champion of Biblioblogging - Joel Watts!  Joel isn't only the number one Biblioblogger in the world, he runs one of the most popular sites OF ANY KIND in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.  Strange for an American Christian who posts nothing but negative stories about Islam!

I have been noticing that Joel Watts Alexa rankings have been plummeting since I broke the story about his incredible popularity in Pakistan.  For the first time that I can ever remember he has dropped below 200,000 yesterday (he has been at around 70,000 for almost an eternity it seems, thanks to his friends in Pakistan!)
mmm.  I wonder if all the people in Pakistan just realized that Joel DOESN'T run an Islamic website.  In any event I have decided to continue to report the weekly popularity of and in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan until they are no longer among the most popular sites there:

Yesterday 212,902 +125,253 

Thursday March 18, 2010 Alexa Pakistan Rankings:

Joel Watts              Pakistan Flag  Pakistan 27,195  yesterday   27,468 (-273)
Stephan C Carlson  Pakistan Flag  Pakistan 38,640  yesterday   39,018 (-378)

So it looks like Carlson is slowly gaining on Watts in terms of attracting a wider audience with his latest post On the Pistis Christou Debate. Oh, you know the Pakistani's go crazy for that stuff. In order for Joel to hold on to his lead he is going to have to go back to his strength, the fourth century Church Fathers. This is very popular with older Pakistanis.

And just to keep things in perspective, Joel's is actually MORE POPULAR in Pakistan than he is in the UK and Canada!  From Alexa:

Wow those Muslims are always full of surprises ...

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